My name is Linty de Bruijn, I am an portrait and wildlife artist, 

I've always been a creative person, even as a little girl and I am so happy to share my passion for drawing and painting with you.


In my work I try to capture a moment of silence.

A little moment of wonder about life, nature or your surroundings.

For me, those are moments of happyness.


The materials I use are quite divers, oil paints, acrylic paint, graphite, and colour pencil. I love using all of them. But whatever material I work with, the colours are light and subtle, and big pieces of the work remain empty.

I also love watercolours and have developed a way to use my acrylics as watercolour.

I love the possibilities that technique gives me.


Teaching has been another passion of mine for over 15 years now.

I love to see my students improve their skills and make amazing art.

I’m currently working on expanding this a lot, by making more YouTube videos and have also started online teaching on Patreon.